Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coffee Musings

Me oh my oh. What a wonder. Still amazed by rightous brew. Like fine dining or when the glass just flows, when moments last and forever is a notion. Thinking that reality and ideals are many times at odds. Radio talking about health care. Fixing a broken system- maybe nt broken but certainly out of balance. Many of our systems are out of balance these days. How to restore balance. How to maintain the balance oif the self in a topsy turvy world?

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mara said...


ordered my coffee at Starbucks this morning (sadly for server, i like my latte naked, why do they love to pour syrup in coffee so?...)then they asked if I wanted to try their new 'strawberry gazebo blend'...they just pressed it. you are kidding me, right?....were they not listening to my 'i do not like flavor coffee' speech? I guess not. So i begin it again. "no,no" server says "not strawberry gazebo, new summer blah blah blah blend." "oh, that is quite different", is say. "ok...."

emilly latella did not go with guilda radner. she is alive and well in a little old red head in oklahoma city.

nevermind.....did you say you needed to balance your shelves in topsiders swirled?