Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Morning Zen

Riding the waves, I think life must sometimes be like surfing except for the fact I have only been on a board once and my balance is so very bad I could not stand up on it even while it lay in the sand on the beach far from the water. But the analogy (or metaphor or some figure of speech) holds in that there is a top and a bottom and forward motion and sometimes we crash and sometimes we ride it all the way to shore and then go back out and catch the next one.
So ride it well.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot the most important rule of the deep water:

never go out without your buddy.

you just never know what's out there; rip currents, undertow, undertoads, jellyfish, cramps....you need someone to watch over you. Even under perfect conditions, shit happens.

hang ten, bra