Monday, October 05, 2009

*$'s Via

It seems to me to be entirely counter to the purpose of having high quality coffee. Why make an instant coffee? Why drink instant? for that matter why even go to star bucks except they are accessible. They had a free taste this morning. Yes, it is on my way and easy to stop on the way to school. Not enough time to make it to the Free Coffee Monday at Evoke or my desire for the good stuff at Coffee Slingers. The Via was flat, it was woody, and watery. Did you try it? What do you think?

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mara said...

gosh, it is a rainy, chilly monday and not only have you have been redused to drinking bad perc coffee, but Starbucks as well. And instant Starbucks! poor thing

the bright side: it can only get better from here (wow, you really drank the instant? you will truly do anything for the coffee cause. bless you.