Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New hours for Urban Art in OKC

The Istvan Gallery has posted new hours. With the opening of the expanded gallery Stephen has decided to keep the gallery space open more. This is great news for shoppers. The Urban Art Building with Blue Sage Studios, Maya Trading Company, Art Fusion, and the Istvan Gallery is really kicking it up a notch.

Monday - Glassblowing at 4:00
Tuesday - 12 to 6 (glassblowing not happening on this day)
Wednesday - 12 to 6 (Glassblowing starts at 4:30)
Thursday - 12 to 6 (Glassblowing starts at 4:30)
Friday - 12 to 6 (Glassblowing starts at 4:30)
Saturday - 1 to 5 (Glassblowing starts at 8:00)
Sunday - 1 to 5 (Glassblowing starts at noon)

There are some days where Roy and others are in the glass blowing studio earlier in the day. Check our calendar on the website or blog.

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