Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Coffee Cupping

There is a wondrous way to learn and develop your skills as a coffee conisuer. It is cupping. Cupping is the process of brewing coffee to perfection and then consuming the brew as it develops. The smells and flavors the look and feel of the various beans and brews. Our Local Coffee Slingers has cuppings every third Saturday of the month. I highly recommend this event.

Morning Zen

Thinking a lot the past few days about the state of things and politics and whatnots. Interesting things. I think I tend to not espouse my beliefs in the political arena a whole bunch.
Anyway with the thoughts of the majority vote and the filibuster and all of that. I am thinking that folks did not want a majority proof vote that is one of the myrid reasons for the MA votes going that way. I do not pretend to know hardly anything about any of it. I don't watch the news and read very little.
One thing on health care. Currently anyone needing care can go to a hospital and get care. My understanding is they will not be denied if they can pay for it or not. Is that true? If that is true then someone or something must pay for the care. Who is that?
I think we have to think about things. Just never really sure that a decision can be made or full knowledge of the situation can be known.