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Istvan Gallery Art Opening and Artist's Reception 5/13/11

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Artist Reception For Scott Henderson, Marvin Lee, Bobby Lee, Audrey Barcus and the Teen Advisory Council of the Arts Council of Oklahoma City
Friday May 13, 2011, 6 - 10 p.m.
Oklahoma City Artist Scott Henderson, one of Istvan's top selling artists of 2010 will be returning for the May show. Henderson's formal art training was acquired at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. Henderson's work has been seen in many group and solo exhibitions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. His work is highly collectable and can be found in significant public, private and corporate collections.
The artist's current body of work focuses on collage and mixed media with a focus on fantastic themes in correlation with self identity. Henderson's work presents a dichotomy between the comfortable familiarities of our environment and the veiled nature of reality. The current work is split into two concepts; individuation and archetypes.
Individuation is expressed through symbols, diagrams, multi-layers and textural imagery. The majority of the pieces in this show were created using a print ink resistance process gridded out into sections giving each one its own unique part of the whole. The found images, painting, photography, transfers and other media are manipulated to help stir the viewer's perception of the imagery intrinsic to the entire piece.
Marvin Lee is another Istvan Gallery favorite. Calling Marvin Lee a photographer would be way too easy. The camera is one of his tools, but so much more goes into the creation of his art. Marvin is a self-taught photo-artist born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. He attended the University of Kansas, Phillips University, and University of Central Oklahoma where he graduated with a B.A. in Education.
He settled in the Oklahoma City area in the mid-seventies after living in several different areas of the country, and is now a retired teacher living in Norman. He loves the 24/7 challenge of finding a fresh "photo-moment" as well as the even more daunting task of mastering sophisticated graphics-editing programs in an effort to enhance that moment, or even combining two or more of those moments into a new reality.
"I find that 'other side'; the shadows, the reflections, the surreal angles, the edgy colors. It's not something I go around searching for; it just has always presented itself to me. I see the beauty and mystery of everything around me, and try to convey that view through my art. I see the world as an artistic opportunity, and I dream of the perfect scene every night. I love it when my work creates an aesthetically pleasing element of surprise."
For an interesting familial twist, Istvan Gallery will be showing the print work of Bobby Lee, who also happens to be Marvin's son. Bobby Lee was born in Oklahoma City in 1984. He enjoyed being born there so much he never left. He has spent most of his life drawing, painting, taking photographs, making prints, writing music, writing words, making films and designing edible landscapes.
Lee uses art to chronicle his adventures in gardening, current events, and other people and objects he encounters. Lee earned a Philosophy degree with a minor in Political Science from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2007. With the academic world behind him for now, his focus since graduating has been on fostering his creative side. He aims to create and exhibit as much art, music and film as possible.
Lee likes to experiment with a number of artistic media. Recycled materials, like cardboard, scrap wood, fabric, tile, used concrete and other found objects that would otherwise end up in a landfill are often used in his work. Lee uses these materials not only because they are free, reduce waste and are a pleasure to work with; but also because they serve as an unspoken comment on an era in which garbage is one of the most abundant natural resources.
Rounding out the featured artists is Audrey Barcus. Barcus also works in linoleum and block cut printmaking, but where Lee's work is monochromatic with nostalgic themes, Barcus' work can be colorful and often whimsical. Barcus identifies herself first and foremost, as a storyteller.
According to Barcus, "Stories, fact and fiction, have bolstered my imagination since infancy and are the driving force behind my art. I make art as an expression of stories, and as a documentation of my world. I feel that stories connect me to the world, and I hope that through my art the world may connect to me."
Barcus studied animation and illustration at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, MD, for two years before transferring to the University of Tulsa to study printmaking. While she is proficient in many media, her focus has most recently been on textiles and printmaking.
Istvan Gallery is very excited about the May project for the small gallery. Gallery Owner Stephen Kovash will be working with the Teen Advisory Council (TAC) of the Arts Council of Oklahoma City to stage a separate art show titled "Reclaimed" featuring work from young artists in the Oklahoma City Area. All of the work shown will involve recycling and recycled materials.
Since 2007, the TAC has been a program of the Arts Council of Oklahoma City dedicated entirely to providing a comfortable arena for teens to voice their opinions, develop their leadership skills, and advance their potential as members of the community — all through the arts. The stated goal of the Teen Advisory Council is to "increase awareness of opportunities in the arts for teens, to encourage volunteerism in the next generation of Oklahoma City's Arts leaders.
Istvan Gallery owner Stephen Kovash will be working with the TAC alongside Advisors Jennifer Barron and Annie Macumber, teaching them the business of art from a gallery standpoint. The TAC will be responsible for most aspects of presenting an art show in a commercial gallery. They will be creating and distributing the call for artists, working up and distributing all the press material, curating the show, hanging and lighting the show and working with clients to assist in selling the art.
Refreshments will be available at the Artists Reception on Friday Night and Urban Art will have an Open House on Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15 from 11:00 a.m. 'til 5:00 p.m.  The Featured Artists and TAC show will be up through the end of July 2011.

1218 North Western Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73106-6824 • Phone: (405) 831

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