Saturday, September 15, 2012


So we are in a meeting on Friday. School wide we are implementing the Rachel's Challenge. It is a great program based on loving care and helpful expression. Part of the initiative is the creation of a chain. For each act of kindness a link is created. Each link connecting people and deeds. Another local middle school is also taking part in the program and they are creating a chain. My first thought is to join the chains together. What goodness can come from this. Others in y building expressed that they just wanted to beat the other school in creating the longest chain. Making acts of kindness a competition. That just sits wrong with me. Defeating the purpose and meaning of expression by attaching it to something devoid of kindness. Bending the nature of a children to elevate ones own desire for recognition and achievement. so very odd to me. I do not think that is the way karma wants to be treated.

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