Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Thoughts on Reac3h

We had training yesterday on the Core Curriculum. It is a huge nationwide change in teaching content and focus. Math and English are the focus. Everything else is designed to teach Math and English. The REAC3H is the Oklahoma based program for everything else to teach.

I have not processed everything yet and much requires some research. Some things struck me during the presentation.

The % of students not ready for college classes and in need of remediation. - I am wondering how many students go to college from High School. Of that percent how many are AP Students? Do any AP students require remediation?
What is the ACT score required to get into college? Does ACT then reflect knowledge. What ACT score cut off number reflects remediation?
Do we need to have a pre-college type institution?

Literacy. The focus is on fiction writing. Speaker says that fiction writing in newpaper and mass consumables is written at 5th grade level. If students only consume fiction writing they will not get anything above 5th grade. At what level is most non-fiction written? At what level of writing is most Television produced?
Speaker gave example of Shakespeare. She taught Romeo and Juliet. She said student could not understand it and would give handouts and materials that explained the writing. Students did not then have to read and comprehend the play as they had the "cliff notes" provided by the teacher. So she admits she was not capable to teaching Shakespeare.

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