Friday, September 04, 2015

Email post via Mail Chimp

The Mail Chimp posting worked. It does not have the best formatting but works. Wondering now if I should make another blog and get it set up and then forward all my past technology tips to that blog email post address. May be a lot of work but could make for a good record of information.

The email post to Evernote worked too. Except with the basic Evernote account you can only send five mails. This was not apparent on the Evernote site when setting up the email service but they sent an email this morning letting me know it is a trail basis.

If you are interested in Evernote and signing up for the service I can get a month of premium service for referrals.
Go to:
to sign up and install Evernote. New users will also get a month of premium service too.

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Unknown said...

You may also look at various recipes over at IFTTT. Might be one that gives you better formatting than MailChimp. Or maybe set up your blog email address as text only in MC?