Monday, October 05, 2015

Blogger Links

I am reading a lot of really great blog posts about technology. It is great to learn about new sites and software and how teachers can infuse the technology into the classroom.

No offence to the outstanding teachers creating these posts but most of you are missing a vital component in the blogging process. It is Link. When a website is referenced in a blog post is it important to insert a hyperlink into the post. This way your readers can easily click the link and access the information. It is like citing the resources in a research paper.

To put in a hyperlink in blogger there is a button on the main Toolbar called Link. You can highlight text and make a link. I like to copy and paste the website address from websites so users know where the link goes before they click on it as well.
Thinglink (

On a side note I find it very interesting that the state department of education does not have technology as a focal point for instruction. Under Sandy Garrett the technology department was extensive and highly effective. With the advent of Barresi the entire technology team was dismantled. Under the new leadership there is still no technology team in place. If it starts from the top down and we want to infuse our teaching with technology we need a great team of educators in place teaching teachers.

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