Friday, November 06, 2015

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John Hattie
Visible Learning
Greetings Sequoyah, 

John Hattie came up on Twitter earlier this week and continues to be circulating. ( I do not know if it is I see it because I am aware of it now or if there is something happening. 

One thing that gives me concern is his talk on class size ( We are at capacity as a building. What happens when we have a new building and teachers leave our site. Our numbers will drop, our staff will drop but our biggest problem of over sized classes will remain. Tragic. Really very tragic. 

Visible Learning -

Thanks and don't forget to be awesome, 


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1 comment:

andy b said...

After posting I did receive an email with more information on Hattie and Class Size. In the video he does point out that reducing class size from 30 to 15 students will increase learning by nine months but this is small contribution in comparison with better teaching techniques.

See the 10 myths
John Hattie: His 10 myths about student achievement
John Hattie’s 15 year meta-analysis of over ¼ of a billion students worldwide has enabled him to identify what really aids student achievement. In an interview with Sarah Montague for BBC Radio 4, he dispels some popular myths about what does and doesn't matter in your school.

Factors affecting student achievement – Hattie’s take:

1. Class Size – Reducing class size does enhance student achievement but only by a marginal amount. Our preoccupation with class size is an enigma; what’s really important is that the teacher learns to be an expert in their own class, no matter what size it is.