Monday, January 11, 2016

Dream House

So I had a dream last night about a house. It was nifty. Maybe not my dream house but a dream about a house. It was odd in that Pauly Walnuts and Sal were there too.

The house was on a street, lots of trees. Maybe like a creek in the back of the lots of houses.

The house had a wall around around it. The wall had windows, there seemed to be about six feet from the wall to the house. The windows of the house aligned to the windows in the wall giving a neat effect of seeing in. Rock lined pathway leading to the door. Lots of deep red color for the paint on the windows and inside the house with some turquoise blue. It did not really like the windows, but not sure why. So if you know where this house is located please let me know.

On a side note: what does the legislation have in mind for education once they are completely gutted it with funding? When it fails what is the plan?

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